The Gardens at Somerset

Sterlington, LA

The Gardens at Somerset will provide an Assisted Living Community in Sterlington, Louisiana and is designed to offer resident’s a complete lifestyle, similar to living in their home but with more activity related to outdoors, plants, gardens, farm life and involvement not only with the other residents but with the surrounding community.

It will provide 80 rooms – 30 of which will provide Memory Care Services.  The Memory Care services will provide special programming to keep the resident’s active and involved and supervised at all times.  There will be activities that family members can visit and be involved in those activities.  This will allow the Memory Care Resident to have a much more “at home” type experience.

The other 50 rooms will be for assisted living care, 18 – 2 bedroom units and 32 – 1 bedroom units.  The facility has activity staff for all residents that provide in facility activities as well as the farm-garden experience of the grounds.  Also for those who are able, off site trips of various kinds.  Transportation to and from Church, grocery stores and shopping are provided at designated times.

The goal is to make this community the “home” for the resident and help them to have a better daily life experience than they could have had in their home.







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