Philander Smith College Student Housing

Little Rock, AR

The new Philander Smith Residence Hall is a four-story dormitory that will become a vibrant home for 292 residents at Philander Smith College, a prestigious Historically Black College. 

The dormitory has been designed to foster inclusivity and accessibility, reflecting the values of Philander Smith College.  With 216 standard beds, it ensures comfortable accommodation for all the residents.  Additionally, 62 beds are ADA compliant, guaranteeing equal access for individuals with disabilities.  We have incorporated four resident directors’ apartments providing dedicated spaces for their invaluable support and counseling.

The building has been thoughtfully planned to cater to the diverse needs of its residents.  The ground floor has a multipurpose room for various activities, a security office for enhanced safety, and conference and study rooms to facilitate academic growth.  Additionally, we have included a break and vending room for relaxation and convenience.

Moving up the floors, each level features a community lounge, a space where residents can socialize and forge long lasting connections.  Furthermore, laundry centers on each floor ensure convenience and ease for everyday routines.

With a total area of 66,508 square feet, this dormitory signifies growth, progress, and a commitment to providing the best living experience for the students at Philander Smith College.  It is a testament to their dedication to nurturing an environment that supports personal and academic growth while fostering lifelong connection with the rich cultural heritage of the college.


66,508 SF





Interior Design



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