Arkansas Electric Cooperative Secure Operations Building

Little Rock, AR

The Arkansas Electric Cooperative /Electric Cooperative of Arkansas leadership team has added a new Secure Operations Building to their Little Rock Campus. The Secure Operations Building serves two main functions. First, it helps meet current security standards by consolidating critical IT and dispatch functions in a building that has increased structural strength, increased security, and redundancy of utilities. Second, the relocation of these functions from their former locations frees up enough office space to meet the growth needs of the organization for an estimated 10+ years. 

The facility is a two-level building, with 13,800 SF of offices over a secure lower level of about 8,100 SF including a data center and two dispatch centers. There is no FEMA funding involved, so the FEMA 361 criteria does not specifically apply, but the lower level construction is to a FEMA rated tornado safe room.


21,900 SF





Interior Design


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