Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma

Tulsa, OK

This is a 53,300 SF new medical office building. The facility brings together doctors practicing at five different offices into a single facility. The clinic provides outpatient care and a wide array of diagnostic and treatment services including: urodynamics for diagnosis of incontinence, ultrasound-guided biopsy for diagnosis of prostate cancer and the latest in imaging capabilities, including spiral computed tomagraphy (CT).

The practice areas are arranged for easy access on a common two-story lobby space with common main entry and reception. The atrium lobby is two-and-a-half stories tall and receives light from the north. Within the atrium, second floor balconies project out over the first floor. The atrium is parallelogram-shaped, which provides a forced perspective that not only makes the atrium space appear wider, but also efficiently provides additional circulation space at the front entry where it will be needed most.

Each practice area contains patient waiting and check-in, check-out, exam room, procedure room, patient toilets, nurse station, storage and nurse offices. In addition to the practice areas, a lab/diagnostic area, x-ray rooms, fluoroscopy room, CT room, ultrasound, urodynamics rooms and public patient toilets are provided.

This project was designed along a fast track schedule, and the civil work was issued separately.


53,300 SF





Interior Design


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