Garland County Detention Center

Hot springs, AR

The Garland County Detention Center houses 480 inmates with the capacity to add up to 600 inmates in a 25-year build-out. The facility houses state-of-the art electronic security and detention systems and has no perimeter fencing. A technique called “Direct Supervision” is used; a Deputy is always located within the housing units thus reducing inmate problems such as vandalism, fighting, and unacceptable behavior. This allows the general population units to have a more humane feel, such as wood doors, carpeting, and porcelain toilets and sinks within the cells. 

Recipient of American Concrete Institute, Arkansas Chapter, Award for “Best Project Over $6 Million”


175,000 SF





Interior Design

“Garland County recently completed a very large detention facility construction project. This project was the largest construction project that Garland County had ever taken on and it was not an easy one. We were able to stay within our budget and our time frame with the voters of Garland County because of a list of professionals at the helm who saw to it that the entire project ran smoothly from start to finish.
Cromwell provided the everyday attentive support that was necessary for Garland County in order that we would be successful with such a large project. Cromwell’s staff was professional, consistent, and worked very well with all other trades.” 

Rick Davis – Garland County Judge

The Garland County Detention Center is a 42-million-dollar project on 57 acres of land, made possible by the County’s 3/8 cent sales tax. The facility is approximately 175,000 SF, making it the largest Garland County operated building, and incorporates seven housing units, two dorm units, administration areas, food service and laundry, booking and release, and court component.

The Detention Center also includes a dedicated video court proceeding area. From this video courtroom, parties at multiple locations have the ability to view one another. Attorneys in the courtroom are able to confer privately with the inmate located in the Detention Center.

The Garland County Detention Center is the first in Arkansas to fully operate utilizing the Direct Supervision method of inmate supervision. Direct supervision is focused around managing inmate behavior, while maintaining continuous officer presence. With direct supervision in mind, operations were selected utilizing strategies which minimize inmate movement out of a housing area, classifying inmates appropriately, and managing inmate behavior. Programs are also an important aspect of direct supervision. Evidenced based programs and comprehensive services directed to the positive development of inmates help to contribute to safe and caring communities.


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