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Roof & Waterproof Expertise

We have been involved in the diagnostics and repair of over five million square feet of roof and surface worldwide. Our team makes recommendations, assists, and designs roof flashing details for unique conditions, reviews specifications of roof systems, and performs pre-roof conferences prior to work being started, among many other tasks.


Our roofing experience includes stand-alone roof projects, several of which exceed the $10M construction range, and projects in conjunction with building renovation. These contracts include a wide variety of facilities across Arkansas, as well as nationally and internationally, with services ranging from maintenance schedules and leak forensics to roof and waterproof system analysis, budget estimates, and construction documents.


System life cycle evaluation


Failure analysis


Water intrusion damage investigation

Thermal imaging by certified thermal technologists

Repair and replacement of roofing and waterproofing system

Budgetary estimates

Development of maintenance plans


Construction documentation creation and review

Project management

Bid administration and procurement


On-site field investigations


Final inspection and verification

Cromwell has roofing specialists on-staff who perform multiple roof assessments and constructability reviews, covering millions of square feet of roof systems.

They also make recommendations, assist, and design roof flashing details for unique conditions, review specifications of roof systems, and perform pre-roofing conferences prior to work being started.

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