SAU Tech Arkansas Fire Training Academy Dorms

Camden, AR

Cromwell is currently working on a new student dormitory for Southern Arkansas University (SAU) Tech’s Fire Training Academy (AFTA). SAU Tech needed a new, on campus, housing facility for students in the AFTA as current housing was located three miles away from the school’s training facility. This location often caused students to travel upwards of 15 miles daily to eat meals and attend classes, plus utility and maintenance costs of the existing dorm were rising greatly over time.

The new 30,000 SF dorm will be a single-story facility that can accommodate 100 beds.  Each unit will be 25′ x 25′ and will be divided into two rooms. Two students will occupy each room with a shared semi-private bathroom between the two rooms. There will be a lobby with reception desk, public toilets, janitor closets, and space for washers and dryers.

The new dormitory building will also include a 9,000 SF cafeteria and dining hall with seating for 100 students. Included in the cafeteria will be food storage, coolers, study area, day room, and rest rooms.

This project is currently under construction and is estimated to be completed by December 2020.


38,800 SF





Interior Design


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