One Eleven at the Capital

Little Rock, AR

This renovated 7,000 SF kitchen and dining area for Little Rock’s Capital Hotel houses the new One Eleven restaurant, lauded as one of the premier eateries in Central Arkansas. The restaurant is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Capital Hotel’s 1860’s French Neoclassical design.

The Capital Hotel’s One Eleven restaurant and bar represents a shift towards appealing to the casual business patron while still maintaining the worldly and refined culture that defines the Hotel.  Major changes include the addition of a twelve-person wine bar and two wide folding doors which open onto the atrium space, creating an inviting area to welcome people inside.  Patrons can linger at the bar, visit the rest of the hotel’s spaces, or be seated in the new dining room overlooking Markham Street and the city’s center of commerce.


7,000 SF





The new restaurant and dining experience was modernized by removing all of the previously installed low walls and partitions, which opens up the dining room for a more lively experience. Every detail, from wall, ceiling, and floor, was meticulously considered in order to elevate the dining experience to be elegantly unique in Little Rock. Special attention was given to incorporation of robust HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems while maintaining the historic character of the Hotel. Audio visual systems are integrated seamlessly into the aesthetic; completely hidden, until they are needed. The quality of materials and artwork were carefully chosen to maintain a timely and lasting design that will age with grace and dignity, remaining useful for decades. A good example is the Zinc Bar and railing installed at the bar. The unique Zinc Bar intentionally shows condensation rings of glasses if chilled drinks are left to sit on the bar. It will create a beautiful patina and become an important symbol of numerous patron’s connection to this historic building.

The new kitchen is a complete renovation, insisted on by a new French chef. Every detail was considered, including areas for preparing each type of food, fish, meat, hot appetizers, cold appetizers, soups, pastries, bakery, refrigeration, freezer, blast freezer, beverages, and hotel and conference services. It is a modern, energetic operation – hidden behind the veil of the Neoclassical public side. This new state-of-the-art kitchen comprised 5,000 SF of the 7,000 SF renovation.

The One Eleven restaurant and bar proves that attention to detail, aesthetics, and service are as important today as it was when the Capital Hotel first opened over 150 years ago. 

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