Melissa Lentz

Melissa Lentz


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Melissa absolutely loves Halloween, haunted houses, and scare rooms. She loves all kinds of books but, true to her Halloween-loving roots, reads mostly reads fantasy, horror, and mystery. And her first concert was Breaking Benjamin with Three Days Grace and Flyleaf.

Melissa’s most embarrassing moment is from when she was in middle school. She signed up to perform gymnastics at the school talent show … without knowing how to do gymnastics. She says a book about her life would be a trilogy series titled, “Being Awkward Keeps Me Up at Night.”

One saying that has stuck with Melissa for a long time is, “you are what you think about.” This helps keep her positive and looking for the best in the worst situations! She also doesn’t have a role model or aspire to be like anyone else. She just wants to make sure she’s someone her son can look up to and be proud of.

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