Arkadelphia, AR

Danfoss is a global market leader in refrigeration and air conditioning, and heating, water, and motion controls. Their Scroll Compressors Manufacturing plant is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Cromwell has completed projects ranging from mechanical upgrades to renovations for Danfoss. 


Anechoic Chamber

Cromwell designed an anechoic chamber for performing sound testing on completed products. An anechoic chamber is a special room that is designed to completely absorb reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves and is insulated from exterior noise as well.


Life Safety Study

Cromwell provided a code analysis and life safety study for the Danfoss Commercial Compressors plant to examine the plant’s building code occupancy and required fire rated walls and doors. The building is approximately 320,000 SF and is considered to be a nonseparated mixed-use occupancy.

The scope of the study included a study of the owner provided floor plan, code study, site visits for verification, and a written report of the team’s findings. The work was led by members of Cromwell’s life safety/fire protection engineering department.

The study found that the existing interior fire rated walls and doors in the plant are not required by current building code. Some of the previous codes required fire rated separation between certain occupancies, but these are not required in the current code for this building.


Cooling Tower Replacement

Cromwell completed a two phase project for Danfoss to install a new Marley cooling tower and expand the Carrier I-Vu building control system. This project allowed the central plant to regain the proper level of functionality, control, and reliability they required. The project also put the chilled water plant under automatic control, thus improving energy consumption and life expectancy of the equipment.

Phase One involved the survey and development of detailed “as built” drawings of the existing mechanical piping, detailed consultation with the Danfoss team for the overall initial concepts and the final design decisions, design and construction of the new condenser water pumping location, installation of new piping and condenser water pumps, modifications to existing piping, and construction administration services.

Phase Two consisted of furnishing and installing the new Marley cooling tower, including all mechanical, structural, electrical, and civil work associated with the tower install, completion of the Carrier I-Vu control system to all remaining mechanical systems, putting the completed systems in operation, and demonstrating operational compliance




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