Brussels American School Design Commissioning Services 

Sterrebeek Annex, Brussels

Brussels American School is located within the Sterrebeek Annex, a small installation on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium. The conditions of the school were inadequate – the interior finishes were degraded and the HVAC and electrical systems were not sufficient and did not meet federally mandated energy performance requirements. The plumbing systems throughout the current school site were also in particularly poor condition. 

The new project satisfies facility requirements as outlined by the 21st Century Schools Initiative. The Brussels American School project was selected in order to support the need to modernize learning environments as part of the education transformation process. The new design contains the latest features in flexibility, adaptability, sustainability, and energy conservation to support DoDDS educational programs for the next 45 years. 

Cromwell was responsible for the Design Commissioning of this facility. Through each design milestone, and each major design change, Cromwell’s team of senior engineers conducted thorough design reviews of all the facility’s technical systems. Our team provided hundreds of technical comments that have been considered or implemented into the final design of this project.  

As a LEED project, an interesting feature of the plumbing system included a rain water recuperation sub-system that was implemented as part of a sustainable initiative in receiving credit toward certification. The collected rain water is filtered through multiple tank compartments before re-use for toilet-flushing and includes monitoring sensors which were tested as part of the Commissioning effort.


72,057 SF



Energy Services


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