12 Star Flats

Little Rock, AR

ASID South Central Chapter – Silver Award, Model Home

The 12 Star Flats consist of 16 individual one and two bedroom apartments and is part of a larger renovated mixed use development called The Paint Factory.  The goal was to provide open-plan, contemporary apartments that create a balance between the history of The Paint Factory and the clean “blank canvas” that local residents expect.   

An important part of the project was to retain many of the original features of the building. The exterior wall of each apartment is the original glazed mason block/brick.  The structural concrete columns in both the apartments and the corridor were kept in their original condition including the previous coats of paint. The concrete slab floor was left in the original condition as well allowing the patina and age to show keeping some of the raw, industrial feel of the building.     

The windows in the apartment corridor allow natural light from skylights to flood the corridor. The flats are located above a corporate office space, so the corridor windows were partially covered with window film containing original photography from this industrial area of the city.  This allows for privacy for the occupants downstairs but also serves as artwork and adds visual interest to the corridor.  

Although the footprint of each apartment is small, there is an abundance of vertical space. A mechanical mezzanine above the bathroom houses the hot water heater and HVAC components. 

The furnished apartment shown is a corporate apartment and is outfitted with mid-century modern furniture to reflect the time frame of the building.  To accent the clean, crisp lines of the newly constructed walls, a collection of Al Allen paintings were hung throughout the apartment. Allen was a southern artist who spent much of his life in the Little Rock area.  The apartment, when not being utilized by clients, is popular on Airbnb.


18,508 SF





Interior Design


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