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Prompt and reliable field oversight during construction is crucial to the success of any project. Construction administration services can help you navigate construction effectively so that when changes and inspection issues occur, spending during construction remains manageable. Cromwell’s construction team is balanced between designers and construction professionals to ensure each project is managed to exceed client expectations.


Timely and dependable construction administration ensures that the design intent is carried through properly. We take the time to thoroughly review shop drawings and provide a quick turnaround of contractor requests for information. Cromwell’s construction phase inspection services include site visits, progress meetings, project documentation, shop drawing review and approval, and more. We also perform punch list review and verification and conduct one-year warranty inspections.

Site Visits + Project Observation

During the course of construction, our construction administrator will routinely meet with the contractor and owner’s representative to discuss construction progress. These meetings will be followed by a site visit, allowing the contractor to specifically describe completed work or ask detailed questions. This routine site visit also allows our construction administrator the opportunity to evaluate and document the percentage of completion, stored materials on-site, construction errors or conflicts, and overall compliance with the construction documents.

UAMS Site Visit

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