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Technology + Advanced Diagnostics

The use of technology in the designing process adds a new dimension to the architectural product, which enables us to materialize ideas that are not fully expressed. At Cromwell, we put great effort into selecting products and services that also maintain the integrity of the work through design and construction.

Building Thermal Imaging
Virtual Reality Demonstration
Engineer Flying Drone
Thermovision Image on House


Technology in architecture and engineering takes many forms. Below are some of our available resources that we use to create successful designs and projects.


Our drone is used for inspections of existing facilities and developing new drawings and models. It can be used to document existing buildings, site, and roof conditions.

Infrared Camera

Our infrared camera is used to diagnose facility energy waste such as inadequate insulation, moisture, and building envelope leaks.

Virtual Reality

Cromwell has virtual reality (VR) equipment that can be used to replicate a design concept and provide users with a virtual walk through of a building. Our VR equipment allows users to better imagine their new space, the environment, and how they might interact with the space.

Laser Scanner

Using our high tech laser scanner, we can quickly document an existing space while not disturbing or manipulating any features of the space, translating weeks of data collection into a few hours.

In-House Print Shop

Our full-service print shop includes large format printers and plotters. All documents are printed in-house. Visit The Printshop + Planroom online to view drawings and specifications.

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