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A successful facility is much more than good architectural design. Success is based on the resolution of complex solutions, with the application of the widest range of technical and aesthetic skills. Cromwell brings a full range of building and building-related experience to ensure that designs can be executed under the tightest cost constraints yet meet the functional needs of our clients.

Cromwell’s experience creating unique, vibrant architecture requires flexible thinking steeped in a culture of creative problem-solving.  We provide a diverse portfolio that requires a breadth of practical knowledge and illustrates a long history of proven and innovative design for our clients.


Technology propels our work to new heights, presenting buildings and products that are not only more interesting, but more responsible and useful as well. Everything from digital drawing and rendering, to construction documents and building are becoming easier to do and with better results.

Staying on the leading edge of technology is critical to enabling clients to better envision the impact of design decisions and the final product in advance of construction. Cromwell has virtual reality (VR) equipment that can be used to replicate a design concept and provide users with a virtual walk through of a building. Our VR equipment allows users to better imagine their new space, the environment, and how they might interact with the space.

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