Washington Regional Pat Walker Center for Seniors

Fayetteville, AR

Washington Regional Medical Center, Center for Seniors, provides varied and comprehensive services for the aging population in the Northwest Arkansas area. Adjacent to the main hospital, this 40,000 SF treatment facility enhances the quality of life for all senior citizens in the growing Washington Regional campus and Northwest Arkansas region. This large facility contains 4 parts: a 12,000 SF clinic, an education center, a gymnasium and a swimming complex.

The senior clinic offers the services beyond your typical aches, pains and ailments. This team of talented doctors and nurses provide patient care, treatment and the educational information needed to stay healthy and safe for years to come.

Adjacent to the education center, the gymnasium and pool complex enhances the knowledge and treatment gained by the clinic and education portions of treatment. These two facilities contain exercise weights and machines, yoga and aerobic studios, and massage therapists. A therapy pool and a large fitness pool for physical therapy treatments, water workouts and resistant training allows for the maximum rehabilitating treatment.

The 40,000 SF senior center facilities not only has fine interior spaces and ample amounts of natural lighting, but provides outdoor pavilions and terraces in a heavily landscaped context to extend the many indoor activities out.


51,880 SF





Interior Design


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