Arkansas State University – Newport Student Center Renovation

Newport, AR

ASID South Central Chapter – Silver Award, Institutional

Arkansas State University – Newport (ASUN) recently launched the new Student Connection, their one-stop service center. The 16,800 SF center was guided by a new service delivery model, developed and validated with students and staff, with five key objectives: prioritization of self-service, no physical line-ups, reducing the run around, increased accessibility and flexibility, and increased approachability. The new student services space includes meeting rooms, chancellor’s suite, vice-chancellor’s suite, testing classroom, general office space, and a bookstore.

The new center is structured to ensure that service across all channels will be managed in an integrated way – by email, phone, and in-person.  ASUN staff are teamed to provide a convenient experience for students by bringing together the services associated with:

•   Admissions
•   Prospective student advising
•   Registration
•   Student records
•   Fee assessments
•   Scholarships and awards
•   Financial aid


16,800 SF





Interior Design


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