Jeff Overton Graduates from Leadership Arkansas Class XVIII

May 22, 2024

Cromwell is pleased to announce that Jeff Overton, Director of Business Development, has successfully graduated from Leadership Arkansas Class XVIII.  

Leadership Arkansas is a comprehensive nine-month program operated by the State Chamber/AIA. The program includes nine multi-day sessions held in various locations across the state. These sessions are designed to give participants a deep understanding of the state’s social, political, geographic, and environmental complexities. Through on-site demonstrations, tours, cultural experiences, and by engaging local leaders, participants were given the opportunity to gain valuable insights where they built lasting relationships. 

For Jeff Overton, graduating from Leadership Arkansas means being better equipped to navigate business development across the state. The program’s curriculum and networking opportunities have provided Jeff with a deeper understanding of Arkansas’s unique challenges and opportunities.  

Congratulations again to Jeff Overton and the entire Leadership Arkansas Class XVIII! We look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have in the world of business development. 

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