Teresa Carlisle


Email   |   (501)372-2900

Teresa is way cooler than any of the rest of us. She owns her own contemporary art gallery with her husband called The New Gallery which showcases works from artists all over the country. Not only does she have a gallery, but she’s also a talented artist herself. She has a BFA in Drawing and an MFA in Printmaking. And, she uses her creative sensibilities to make all sorts of different marketing materials (And, they’re all really good. If you’ve seen anything we’ve produced, you know.).

Seeing her now you might not know it, but Teresa used to be pretty punk rock. Her first concert was at a bar behind a trailer park to see Vanilla Ice’s short-lived hard-core band. She used to sport a mohawk, hang out in the mosh pit, and had a lip ring (for all of three months). But she had to let that one grow in to work at a pretzel shop at Six Flags.

Teresa’s originally from Ohio and her favorite time of the day is the late afternoon hours during the middle of winter when the sun is setting. The light and shadows have a cool, crisp quality that reminds her of home.