Rebecca Hoyt


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Rebecca’s favorite quote is “Impossible is for the unwilling,” by John Keats. She is a firm believer that if you have the will power and the determination to do anything that nothing is impossible. And, this determination serves her well in our finance department. She most enjoys Cromwell because she can take on things to challenge her and teach her new things.

If Rebecca could have a super power it would be to slow down time to be able to fit more things into a regular 24-hour time span and literally have all the time in the world. Although her favorite time of the day is mornings. She is most productive between the hours of 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. She says nights are not her thing.

Growing up, Rebecca wanted to be a chef. She likes to cook new dishes and experiment with new flavors. Her favorite meal is a breakfast classic: Fried eggs, sausage, and grits.

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