Katharine with mug

Katharine Eckman


Email   |   (501)400-1105

Katharine is a passionate advocate for foster care and adoption, especially for sibling groups. She believes all children deserve a loving, supportive, stable home and to be able to keep as much of their family intact as possible. She and her husband finalized their adoption of siblings in 2021.

She enjoys painting, cooking, baking, reading, playing video games, binge watching true crime documentaries, and napping. She loves anything written by Stephen King. Her favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption, and her favorite actor is Ryan Reynolds.

Katharine has known she wanted to be an architect since she was in the 8th grade. But, if she could have any other career, Katharine would be a food critic/blogger. She loves to try new foods and restaurants anytime she gets the chance. Currently, her favorite food is pho, and her favorite restaurant is The Mighty Crab.

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