Hoss Maslouski

Regional Director

Hoss (a.k.a. Chris) is a proud family man who enjoys spending time with his family and has a multitude of hobbies including model railroading, baseball, carpentry, and making pies. In fact, he says if he could have another career, it would be as an owner of a pie company (pies make great client gifts, Hoss. *Nudge, nudge, wink, wink*).

Hoss describes his typical work day as: Emails, phone calls, design, emails, phone calls, video conference, redesign, emails. Hoss says his favorite Cromwell events are any time he is able to talk with co-workers that he usually only sees on video conferencing, emails, or talks to on the phone. He enjoys getting to know everyone.

Hoss says he thinks the future of the industry will take a turn back to design/build. He thinks there will be a need for more technology used for design, drone, scanners, and BIM.

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