David Long

David Long, PE, CEM

Building / Energy Services

Email   |  (479) 320-2741

David’s a professional engineer based in our Springdale office with a specialty in HVAC system control and operation. He believes it’s important to always keep learning and finding ways to learn because knowledge is the one thing no one can take away from you.

David thinks we are here to enjoy life and what he most enjoys is seeing, trying, and participating in new things and sharing that joy with others just makes it a little bit sweeter. He’s passionate about unique experiences and spends time sharing them with his family, friends, and dogs.

Growing up, David wanted to be a commercial pilot. While he isn’t flying commercially for a living (unless you count his commercial license for flying drones), he does hold various pilot licenses and endorsements. He loves to fly airplanes and enjoys “bush flying,” which basically is landing the plane on anything but a runway.

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