Darrelynn Smart


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Darrelynn is passionate about many things, but is most passionate about yard work and enjoys when all her flowers bloom. She is a passionate grandmother and loves when her grandchildren spend time with her. She enjoys deer hunting, hiking in the woods, and sewing. She also loves horse riding.

Growing up Darrelynn wanted to be a flight attendant, but at the time there was a height requirement and she wasn’t quite tall enough. So, she began clerical work out of high school and is now a valued part of our financial team. Though, she wishes she could get it through a few of our heads the importance of getting our time sheets done and submitted in a timely manner (you don’t want her to have to hunt you down).

A book or movie about Darrelynn’s life would be called “Always Busy!” Her favorite time of the day is early morning and or late evening because this is when you can sit and relax and have either coffee or drinks.

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