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Mar 29, 2023 | People

Bridgett Whitman Joins Cromwell

Cromwell Architects Engineers is pleased to announce and welcome Bridgett Whitman to our Springdale, Ark. office. Whitman has joined Cromwell as an administrative and marketing assistant.

Whitman fills a vital role in Northwest Arkansas, allowing the Cromwell organization to operate more effectively and efficiently.

“Bridgett is an exceptional addition to the Northwest Arkansas team,” Regional Director Josh Danish said. “Her efforts are primarily focused on marketing and business development, but she has brought elements of CMS, programming, HR, and graphic design to the table as well. Bridgett is more than able to tackle everything we’ve thrown at her so far, and clearly much more. We’re looking forward to seeing just how brightly she can shine.”

Whitman is a graduate of Fort Hays State University with a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in HR and a bachelor’s degree in communications studies.

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