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  1. 2010

    Cromwell celebrates its 125th year in continuous practice.
    New Cromwell logo and website unveiled.

  2. 2004

    Cromwell designs first LEED building in Arkansas.

  3. 2000

    Firm’s name becomes Cromwell Architects Engineers.

  4. 1999

    Cromwell designs control towers at Luke AFB, Laughlin AFB, Altus AFB, and Randolph AFB by site adapting the design for the tower at LRAFB to each new site.

  5. 1996

    Cromwell’s first project at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

  6. 1995

    Cromwell begins use of e-mail and internet and launches Cromwell website.

  7. 1992

    “One Spring Building” renamed the “Cromwell Building.”

  8. 1988

    The firm’s expertise expands to include correctional and judicial work.

  9. 1985

    Cromwell celebrates its 100th year in continuous practice. John Truemper publishes A Century of Service 1885-1985 to commemorate occasion.

  10. 1983

    Initiates first CAD (computer-aided design) in Arkansas.
    F. Hampton Roy publishes Charles L. Thompson and Associates Arkansas Architect 1885-1938.

  11. 1981

    The firm expands its practice nationwide and overseas through work with the Department of Defense and a medical development client.
    Memphis office opens.

  12. 1978

    Cromwell designs first commissary at Little Rock Air Force Base. Success leads to commissary work that continues today.

  13. 1975

    Experimental solar design which utilizes photovoltaic cells with concentrating collectors goes into the design of the Mississippi County Community College.
    Firm moves into current location at Spring and Markham.

  14. 1972

    Future CEO Brent Thompson, with specialty in healthcare design, joins the firm.

  15. 1970

    Ray Parker joins firm to manage the Construction Administration Department.
    The firm establishes Interiors Department.

  16. 1965

    Firm completes first overseas jobs: U.S. Consul General’s Residence and Staff Housing. (Madras and New Delhi, India)

  17. 1962

    Future CEO Gene Levy joins the firm. During this period, the firm gains recognition in the design of industrial buildings.

  18. 1954

    Ben Dees, first engineer since Rickon in 1891, joins firm. Strong engineering department develops with addition of Ollie Gatchell in 1956 and Bill Woodsmall in 1960. Firm moves to 416 Center Street.

  19. 1950

    Robert Millett and Dietrich Neyland join firm in 1950 bringing International Style design principles to projects.
    Forrest City office opens.

  20. 1947

    Firm designs the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion on site of the Blind School using original brick from the school.

  21. 1946

    Firm grows during postwar years. Charles Carter joins firm in 1946 and establishes Construction Administration Department.

  22. 1942

    Upon graduating from high school, future president, John Truemper first works for firm at age 18.

  23. 1941

    Edwin Cromwell succeeds Sanders in partnership. Large number of military projects at Camp Joseph T. Robinson completed during this period.

  24. 1938

    After 52 years of active practice, Thompson retires. 137 of his projects are on the National Register of Historic Places.

  25. 1927

    Theo Sanders and Frank Ginocchio merge their architectural practices with Mr. Thompson. Churches and schools are mainstay of firm’s work during Depression years.

  26. 1924

    The firm designs one of the first gas stations in Arkansas.

  27. 1921

    Charles L. Thompson serves as a founding member of the Arkansas Chapter of American Institute of Architects.

  28. 1920

    While practicing in El Dorado, oil was discovered in Union County. The firm establishes an office there.

  29. 1916

    Thompson and Harding form partnership.

  30. 1909

    Governor George Donaghey appoints Charles L. Thompson to chair the commission to oversee the completion of the Arkansas State Capitol.

  31. 1905

    The firm designs several courthouses, including the outstanding Washington County Courthouse.

  32. 1898

    Thomas Harding hired at age 14.

  33. 1897

    Hundreds of residential, commercial, and government projects designed and built from 1897-1916, Charles Thompson’s most productive years.

  34. 1891

    Fred J. H. Rickon and Thompson form one of first known architecture and engineering partnerships.

  35. 1890

    Bartlett follows project to Mississippi leaving business to Charles Thompson at age 21.

  36. 1888

    Bartlett and Thompson partnership forms. Offices located on Markham across street from current Cromwell offices.

  37. 1886

    Charles L. Thompson goes to work for Mr. Bartlett in 1886.

  38. 1885

    What is known today as Cromwell was founded in 1885 by B.J. Bartlett.